Microns: New Micro Startups For Sale 🚀

By Ilya Novohatskyi

Each week I will post an email about my experience, subscribers story and a few small startups for sale 💸

Success and failure from real people, bright presentations, and useful knowledge 💫

Let's learn, share and grow together ✨

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Microns: New Micro Startups For Sale 🚀 - First Text Interview

Hello!This week was fabulous. I hope yours is too.The Hustle has mentioned us, and I responded to my subscribers' emails. Discovered a lot about my audience.Worked on a blog and interviewed one founder.I have a lot of exciting plans in mind, so stay tuned.P.S…


Microns: New Micro Startups For Sale 🚀 - Startups with No Revenue

Hello everyone.This week my wisdom teeth were pulled out, so I can't be talkative. I hope you understand what I mean.Anyway, I want to post an update about Microns and a story about pre-seed projects(with no revenue) and convince you that it is also a good ta…


Microns: How to build 🚀 - Quiz App

Hi dear readers.Today I am going to introduce you to something new.This email will be about how you can build whatever using no-code tools.Let me know if you like it.


Microns: Choose Monetization Model 🚀 - Part 2

Hi folks.Happy Saturday.Prepare a cup of tea or coffee. And enjoy reading.Today I want to share the results of the monetization poll.Pss, here is the previous issue where I started this.


Microns: New Micro Startups For Sale 🚀 - How to Estimate SaaS Project

Hey everyone!This week was super cool.One deal happened, and the Tinder swipe bot project was sold.I published new changes to the website. Added wall of love and recently sold projects.And of course, the main story of this newsletter is how I estimate the pri…


Microns: Choose Monetization Model 🚀 - Part 1

Hi everyone.As you know, Microns is free. Therefore, I don't take a commission on successful acquisitions.But I need resources to maintain and grow this project further.That's why you got this email.I want to share a few business models in my mind so you can …


Microns: New Apps For Sale 🚀 - Recently Acquired Projects

Hey hey hey! How are you?This week we have fantastic news.We helped to sell two cool projects. A few are in the discussion phase now. So, I am happy that Microns works well for my customers.I had a call with one incredible guy, called Tom. We talked about dif…


Microns: New Micro Startups For Sale 🚀 - When to Quit Your Job

Hello!This week we got 2 more successful deals on Microns(waiting for testimonials), and I got sick(not covid). So I primarily watched videos on YouTube and talked to my customers via Email/Twitter.But in two weeks, I can show you a few cool updates for Micro…


Microns: New Apps For Sale 🚀 - How to Sell your Website

Hi, my dear readers!In this issue, I cover our launch results, interview with the founder who sold the project on Microns, and my future plans.Pretty good numbers and I am happy with it.You will get valuable knowledge about selling your side project from the …


Microns: Micro Startups For Sale, Acquisition Call & Broker

Honestly, I had a face similar to this cat after seeing how many people liked and subscribed to Microns 😂This week we launched on Product Hunt and finished the day in 3rd place. That's an awesome result. I am thrilled 😄But it wouldn't be possible without you.…


Microns: We are on Product Hunt

Hey everyone!Hope you are awesome and safe.We are launching our newsletter on the Product Hunt platform.Please, support me if you can.


Microns: New Micro Startups For Sale, Due Diligence

Hey, folks!I am happy to write to you again ❤️This week was pretty cool and hard. We launched on 10words, a few newsletters, and Product Hunt upcoming page 🚀 Got a lot of great people on the board 💡Next week would be crazier because we scheduled a launch on t…


Microns: New Micro Startups For Sale 🚀 - Issue #7

Hi folks!This time newsletter will be short because of my vacation. Hard to relax and work, but it's something I can deal with.Today I am going to share my progress with the agency and microns itself. Feeling that this week wouldn't be easy because we launch …


Microns: New SaaS Apps For Sale 🚀 - Issue #6

Hi to all my lovely readers!I appreciate your support since the last issue.In this letter, I will tell you about the reasons why I bought the micro-saas app. I will share with you two key things to make your app more valuable before the sale.And finally, tell…


Microns: New SaaS Apps For Sale 🚀 - Issue #5

Hello everyone!This was a pretty hard week with a lot of work. I think you had the same :)Agency doing well. Stabilized our revenue flow to $15k MRR. Updated our website with recent projects. I worked on a few of the personally(coding).For the newsletter, we …


Microns: New SaaS Apps For Sale 🚀 - Issue #4

Hello to everyone!This week was more strategic for me. Not only about Microns, but for Quanti Coders too.I take a new course for my agency. To this day, we were a 100% outsource software development company.But now, we started developing one cool product for …


Microns: New SaaS Apps For Sale 🚀 - Issue #3

Hey, everyone!This week was pretty crazy for me. So let me tell you a little bit about it.I got my first fan. Zhao sent me a $50K ARR startup for sale. Experimented with Twitter ads(plan to write a thread).Created goals for the rest of the year. You will know…


Microns: New SaaS Apps For Sale 🚀 - Issue #2

Hey, everyone!Last week I learned a lot. Not only things about growing, but also about my goal, product, and audience.One of the things worth to mention I started actively working on my Twitter account.Previously, I didn’t pay enough attention because I thoug…


Microns: New SaaS Apps For Sale 🚀 - Issue #1

Hi, guys! My name is Ilya, and I am doing front-end development for 7 years already. Besides that, I love bootstrapping startups and appreciate people who do the same. After acquiring my first SaaS app via MicroAcquire, I understood the process, from the firs…