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How to be safe when looking for your next acquisition as a non-technical founder

Ilya Novohatskyi
Ilya Novohatskyi
Hey guys.
This week was entertaining. I finally found a good trainer for tennis, wrote a blog post you’ll like, and planned the next development phase for Microns to reach our goal. Become one of the best communities for tech professionals and small online businesses.
I met my wife and her mom yesterday and spent the day together. We walked around the city, made a tour for her and ate sushi. To be honest, I thought it would be hard to find similar themes with her mom, but the whole day went so fast, and I’m glad that we became friends.
In today’s newsletter, you’ll find a lot of helpful information and maybe your next project. Who knows.
P.S. I’m grateful to everyone who supports Ukraine in this challenging time 🇺🇦

Photo by Andres Molina on Unsplash
Photo by Andres Molina on Unsplash
👋 Welcome
Welcome to the 46 new people joining this week.
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Now let’s crack on with the newsletter ☕️
🧶 Is it a bad idea for non-techy to invest in micro startups?
Last week one of my subscribers asked me two exciting questions:
  1. Apart from your article on the blog on how to buy your first side project, do you recommend any other resources for people who want to start investing in micro startups?
  2. Would you recommend non-developers invest in micro SaaS or do you think it’s a bad idea?
Here is my view on these things. First, you should define what you want to achieve and why you want to accomplish this. Earning millions is a great goal, but why do you need this money? To live life on your own terms? To be free from a day job? To change your lifestyle?
I recommend that non-technical people who want to change their lifestyle and become online entrepreneurs start buying and running micro-SaaS. Recently, I interviewed an Iceland attorney who bought a micro-SaaS on Microns and became an entrepreneur. He worked tightly with sellers to understand how to run and maintain the project. In any case, you’ll learn many interesting things and unintentionally become a tech guy. So, everything depends on your desires and what you want to achieve.
I plan to keep writing content for people interested in entrepreneurship through acquisition. But besides this, I recommend you to read the Indie Hackers forum and check this site to find your first users. Also, I created the newsletter, where we interview other founders so that you can learn many things in practice. If you prefer video content more, check Ryan Kulp’s courses (here and here), a guy I trust.
That being said, it inspired me to create the whole post around this theme.
10 Steps to Buying A Profitable Micro-SaaS Startup as A Non-technical Founder
If you have questions or ideas for my next post just reply and I’ll go trough the interested subject.
👀 Looking for partners
📹 I’m making a tool for YouTubers, It turns Youtube video into TikTok/Instagram clip with AI. I’m looking for someone good at marketing/selling, contact me on Twitter.
🧑🏻‍⚕️ I’m building a SaaS focused on mental wellbeing, being able to identify and prevent burnout amongst knowledge workers. Tha SaaS is aimed at law firms as this is my area of expertise. I’m a B2B sales and marketing. I’m looking for tech partner willing to work on this part-time as we acquire customers. The app is pre-revenue this is an equity only role.
⚖️ I started as a bootstrapped side project. It makes customized astrology jewelry. Focused on the US market. One pre-pandemic season (2019) it did 6-figure revenue in Q4. AOV hovers around $80-$100. I’m looking to partner with someone that can help the business grow. To begin with I can’t offer any cash, but I can offer a split of net profit, at least 50/50 but am open to discuss terms.
Work Together We Are One GIF By Film Riot
Work Together We Are One GIF By Film Riot
If you’re stuck and looking for a tech, growth, or marketing partner, shoot me an email. Let’s build more awesome micro-startups together 🚀
📰 Looking for new owners
  • $55 in ARR
  • Business model: SaaS
  • 16 customers
  • Target audience: anyone who has meetings
  • Built with JS, Netlify and
  • Founded in 2022
🔥 Asking Price: $3,700
  • $170 in ARR
  • Business model: one-time purchase
  • Target audience: developers, marketers and power users
  • Built with Obj-C and C#
  • Founded in 2022
🔥 Asking Price: $5,000
  • $5,000 in annual revenue
  • Business model: native advertising and sponsored posts
  • 4,650 engaged subscribers
  • Target audience: startup founders and developers
  • Built with Webflow and Revue
  • Founded in 2021
🔥 Asking Price: $25,000
💡 Wisdom from subscriber
Chris Tweten 🍁
Your SaaS solution may be the best thing since sliced bread 🍞

But are enough people using it?

There are 𝓪𝓵𝔀𝓪𝔂𝓼 new, untapped opportunities for #LeadGen

👇 Let's look at 10 stupidly simple ways to get new #SaaS leads
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Ilya Novohatskyi
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Ilya Novohatskyi
Ilya Novohatskyi @ilyanovohatskyi

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