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Microns: How to build πŸš€ - Quiz App

Ilya Novohatskyi
Ilya Novohatskyi
Hi dear readers.
Today I am going to introduce you to something new.
This email will be about how you can build whatever using no-code tools.
Let me know if you like it.

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash
Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash
⚠️ What triggered me
One of the readers asked me how she could build Quiz API with the help of no-code tools.
Would be great to share with you too
Would be great to share with you too
I responded to her, but I think it would be helpful for my subscribers too.
So, I want to share it with you.
πŸ’‘ Idea
Example of what I mean
Example of what I mean
I think building API is boring. Let’s build the whole app.
The core idea of quizzes is questions and answers.
You need to show a card with a question asked and a few answers to choose from.
And you need to have a list of these questions.
In the end, you show up the number of correct answers. That’s all.
βš™οΈ Tools and execution
How I see it
How I see it
First of all, we need a beautiful landing page.
For this reason, you can use Webflow. For example, I use it to run Microns’ website. They have a lot of awesome templates, so it’s suitable for starting.
You are wondering how to handle quiz logic?
Great. For this reason, we will use TypeForm. They have a lot of pre-made templates and availability to customize your flow.
Even payment integration if you want stronger validate your idea.
Shhh, if you don’t want to use TypeForm for some reason, I found an alternative for you. Use QuestionPro instead.
To keep in touch with your customers, use Help Scout and Calendly. I use them. Saved a lot of time.
To connect all of the stuff, I would use Zapier. It has a lot of automation and integration flows. I am using it to run Microns.
Btw, do you know a good alternative for Zapier?
And last but not least is a password manager.
When you decide to sell created app later you can easily transfer access to all services via password manager.
To keep all my projects organized and secured I use 1Password.
πŸ™Œ Summary
Today you understood how to build a quiz app with no-code tools.
Interesting, is there a person who will try to do this?
Would like to see when you create this project yourself.
Let me know if you liked the β€œHow to” series.
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Ilya Novohatskyi
Ilya Novohatskyi @ilyanovohatskyi

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