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New Micro Startups For Sale 🚀 - How to Evaluate Newsletters

Ilya Novohatskyi
Ilya Novohatskyi
Hey everyone. This week was tough. What about yours?
My previous email went to the spam :(
I gave an interview, started Microns page on Twitter, created first part of the Premium plan.
Today I will tell you about newsletters, how to estimate them, the pros and cons of buying, and give you some insights if you want to start one.
I will cover a new section called “Startup of the week” to promote the most promising but underestimated micro-startup available on the site.

Meet my second cat Lucas
Meet my second cat Lucas
👋 Welcome
Welcome to the 33 new people joining this week!
To make sure you get the newsletter and it doesn’t land in your promotional folder, move this email to your primary inbox.
Let me know what you think of your first one. Replying helps Google realize it’s not spam and helps me learn what topics you are interested in.
Prefer Twitter? Drop me a DM here.
Now let’s crack on with the newsletter ☕️
🗞 Newsletters are next assets to buy
These companies started small using the power of newsletter
These companies started small using the power of newsletter
Morning Brew, The Hustle, and even Product Hunt started their businesses by collecting emails and writing to their subscribers. They began from the newsletter.
It wouldn’t be great for everyone, but for micro-startups, it seems the way to go. To start getting some traction and building audience newsletters as long as blogs and podcasts are in a great position.
Options to start your startup
Options to start your startup
To write a newsletter, you don’t need to be a technical person. There is no code to learn or fix. Costs to operate a newsletter are exceptionally minimal. The due diligence process is simple.
Fantastic, you say. But there is one big problem with it. The newsletter entirely relies on the person who writes it. Do subscribers care if the person changes? Maybe. If they stick around? Maybe.
In my opinion, if you have a plan to acquire a newsletter, you should be a fan of it and read every single issue to keep it the same quality.
Buying a newsletter similar to purchasing a content site or SaaS business.
Based on different resources, I can say that it would be a 3 – 5 annual net profit multiple. The concrete multiple depends on newsletter size, open/click rates, audience category, etc.
But what if the newsletter doesn’t have any revenue? How to evaluate it?
Good question. You need to spend some time to estimate it correctly, but let me explain two available tactics.
Replacement cost tactic
Replacement cost tactic
The first one is to figure out costs to acquire each subscriber — for example, a newsletter with 1,000 subscribers, which earns subscribers through paid sponsorships. The average acquisition cost is $5 per subscriber. So you can assume to pay around $5,000.
Monetization potential tactic
Monetization potential tactic
The second one is to define monetization potential. Due to Substack’s data, around 5% of subscribers convert to a paid plan. Using the example above, a newsletter with 1,000 subscribers has 50% of engaged readers.
Let’s assume that 5% of these engaged users will convert to paid: 500 * 0.05 = 25 paid subs.
If your subscription costs $10/month, you will get $250/mo or $3,000 per year.
Approximate asking price could be $3,000 * 3 = $9,000. So, you should hope to pay from $5,000 to $9,000.
I think it gave you some understanding of how to price these things.
Yes, you can. Just do it!
Yes, you can. Just do it!
Tip from me. Suppose you want to start your newsletter. Use an already built platform for this. Don’t reinvent the wheel.
Choose Substack or Revue and start writing. The platform will solve many problems for you, from mailing and integrations to analytics and notifications.
🚀 Company recent news
Last week I was worried because my latest newsletter issue went to the spam, and a lot of people didn’t open it :(
I figured out that the problem was because of Revue. This is the first time it has happened.
Please, double-check the spam folder and unmark the previous issue. Gmail filters have been mistaken this time.
Ilya Novohatskyi
I guess I know why Microns email went to the spam(noticed huge drop off open rate).

"a few bad actors have been using Revue recently to send spam, which means that some spam filters are picking out certain messages from Revue, and sometimes blocking them" –– Revue
After that, I decided to create a dedicated Twitter page for Microns.
Feel free to follow it so you can receive recent news about the newsletter and company at all.
Besides, one of the subscribers helped me spread the word about Microns and created a listing on Readsom.
Gabriele proposed me help and created listing for Microns
Gabriele proposed me help and created listing for Microns
I was pleased and thrilled because when people try to help, then they see the value. Giving in return means a lot.
And last but not least, one of the subscribers invited me to arrange an interview about Microns.
I told about product and my future plans. Enjoy watching 👇
Micro selling, but Macro thinking
Micro selling, but Macro thinking
That’s awesome to see that our audience grow and actively engage.
These things motivate me to keep going! Thank you all 😌
📰 Looking for new owners
Automating trading for busy people
Automating trading for busy people
  • $0 in ARR
  • Business model: SaaS, freemium
  • Perfect for crypto traders
  • 0 customers
  • Built with PHP, Laravel
  • Founded in 2020
  • Landing page:
🔥 Asking Price: $5,000
Analytics For Your Well-Being
Analytics For Your Well-Being
  • $1,000 in ARR
  • Business model: freemium subscription
  • Perfect for people who are interested in improving their wellbeing
  • 6,000 customers
  • Built with Flask, PostgreSQL, Redis, Docker, Swift
  • Founded in 2019
  • Landing page:
🔥 Asking Price: $40,000
We believe education should be affordable without any geographical constraints
We believe education should be affordable without any geographical constraints
  • $12,000 in ARR
  • Business model: commission from course sale and subscription fees
  • Perfect for students of age group from 14 to 26
  • 500 customers
  • Built with Laravel, JavaScript
  • Founded in 2020
  • Landing page:
🔥 Asking Price: $65,000
🎯 Startup of the week
In this new section, I will cover one underestimated startup in terms of price/value. It has higher value and less price.
This week’s pick is a newsletter called IndieLatte.
Microns: Buy Newsletter for Indie Hackers
For example, only domain costs around $1,000. Besides that, it has around 200 subscribers and a simple but pretty landing page.
Have a close look and consider buying it faster than others.
Check out GoDaddy domain evaluation service
Check out GoDaddy domain evaluation service
P.S. when I launch the Premium micro-startup group, their members will get startup of the week before anyone else 😏
💡 Wisdom from subscriber
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Let me know if you have a story about selling, buying, or partnering on the project. I will cover it here so other readers can learn.
Stay awesome,
Ilya Novohatskyi
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Ilya Novohatskyi
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