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We reached hundreds of active buyers

Ilya Novohatskyi
Ilya Novohatskyi
Hey guys.
This week we fixed bugs on the site, helped different buyers start their acquisitions, and crossed a few milestones.
We implemented essential features that will help us build a stronger community. Besides this, we finally solved a problem with merch.
Last week, people from COFIRE interviewed me about micro-acquisitions and Microns. You can watch the interview at the end of their issue. I hope it will help more people understand our mission and start their businesses.
Fun fact, yesterday, we got the first submission from the founder from Ukraine, a really great project. We reviewed and published it within six hours, and he received three inquiries from buyers immediately. I’ll do my best to help him sell the project this week to improve his financial situation.

Photo by Dimosthenis Papamichail on Unsplash
Photo by Dimosthenis Papamichail on Unsplash
👋 Welcome
Welcome to the 48 new people joining this week.
Let me know what you think of your first issue. Replying helps Google realize it’s not spam.
Prefer Twitter? Drop me a DM here.
Now let’s crack on with the newsletter ☕️
🎉 We hit another milestone
We hit another revenue mark this month: $1,500 in monthly recurring revenue. Many serious buyers were onboarded to the platform and made their first requests and offers.
Finding deals is a challenging process in terms of time. You must be patient to acquire a project that fits your needs. But anyway, I hope that soon we’ll see more acquisitions and success stories.
🧐 Report a listing feature
The best thing about startups is that you can suggest a feature that can be useful for you or other users, and the team will immediately implement it. But with marketplaces, there is one more side - data. So the most important thing is to have correct, relevant, and verified data.
Starting today, our premium members can report listings and let us know what is wrong with the listing to make curation even more severe.
Now buyers can control any listing on Microns
Now buyers can control any listing on Microns
Buyers can report typos, inaccurate data, or even verified details. This way, every person makes the Microns a better place for each other. It’s like Wiki, but for the micro-startup world. I thank Colin (one of our buyers) for this suggestion.
👕 Merch update
It’s been a while since I didn’t talk about merch. Unfortunately, after investigation, many providers in Ukraine experienced issues with materials because of war, making it impossible to fulfill our order.
I reached out to one of my old friends from Poland, and he agreed to help me. This way, I solved two problems: merch that fit our quality requirements and delivery, which is easier from Poland than from Ukraine during the war.
We'll have two options: one with our primary color and the other for dark theme lovers
We'll have two options: one with our primary color and the other for dark theme lovers
Next week, we’ll start printing stickers and notepads. After this, we’ll begin working on t-shirts, hoodies, and backpacks. I personally curate design, usability, and printing, so top quality is guaranteed.
👀 Looking for partners
🐦 Looking for a marketing co-founder. We’re building a product that helps you connect more deeply with the communities that you care about. Please reach out if this sounds exciting to you.
🌱 I run an agency and take on clients, helping them build SaaS projects. Looking to transition into buying and flipping with a few people as an internal team would be great to partner with Facebook or Youtube ad marketers and copywriters. I have internal playbooks and spreadsheets to help strategic plan flips for content websites, SaaS, newsletters, and e-commerce stores. Contact me via email.
High Five Jake Fowler GIF By Yevbel
High Five Jake Fowler GIF By Yevbel
If you’re stuck and looking for a tech or marketing partner, shoot me an email. Let’s build more awesome micro-startups together 🚀
📰 Looking for new owners
  • $60 in ARR
  • Business model: SaaS
  • 260 users
  • Target audience: privacy focused Gmail users
  • Built with Vue, PHP and MySQL
  • Founded in 2020
  • What I like: project in the privacy niche with a great potential, already has a few paying customers, seller provides one month of support.
  • Concerns: you need to figure out how this differs from other email privacy tools, how client support is handled, and whether there are any challenges with the code.
🔥 Asking Price: $3,000
  • $500 in ARR
  • Business model: SaaS
  • 200 users
  • Target audience: people who are interested in improving their wellbeing
  • Built with Flask, PostgreSQL, Redis, and Swift
  • Founded in 2019
  • What I like: great design (founder spent $30k on design and development), paying users, database with 6k emails, prolonged Apple license, seller provides one month of support.
  • Concerns: you need to feel comfortable in the niche of health and wellbeing, project was built three years ago, so maybe it needs refactoring and updates, you need to understand mobile development or hire a dev for this.
🔥 Asking Price: $10,000
  • $9,581 in annual revenue
  • Business model: Lifetime deals and subscriptions
  • 120 customers
  • Target audience: business owners
  • Built with PHP, Laravel and TailwindCSS
  • Founded in 2022
  • What I like: huge potential, low expenses, validated product, AI/ML translation algorithm, founder is able to stay on to help develop additional features and maintain the app.
  • Concerns: most of the revenue came from AppSumo lifetime deals, so you need to support those users.
🔥 Asking Price: $18,000
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Marketing Max 💎
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Stay awesome,
Ilya Novohatskyi
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Ilya Novohatskyi
Ilya Novohatskyi @ilyanovohatskyi

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