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Hi, my dear readers!

In this issue, I cover our launch results, interview with the founder who sold the project on Microns, and my future plans.

Pretty good numbers and I am happy with it.

You will get valuable knowledge about selling your side project from the person I interviewed this week.

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Let me know what do you think about the interview format. Maybe you have different questions in mind.

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😸 Launch results

Thank you to everyone who supported me during this launch. It really means a lot.

💸 How to sell your website

This week I interviewed a founder who successfully sold his project on Microns for the full price.

Previously Andrew sold a few projects and acquired one.

We discussed how to manage payments, transfer your project's assets, and reveal the deal's final price.

Enjoy watching.

Note important things from this interview because it is a great example of making a deal in just a few days.

🤔 Future plans

Right now, I have a few cool ideas for Microns.

The first is to create a "wall of love" and acquired projects sections on the website.

Where people can see testimonials and already made deals.

Let me know what do you think. Ideas how it could look like?

Besides that, I started building a blog for interviews and materials about selling your project.

It could have different formats: text, podcast, video interview. By the way, which one do you prefer more?

📰 Looking for new owners

  • $1,100 in one-off purchases for six months
  • Business model: sell domain names and logos as a package
  • Perfect for entrepreneurs, startups & small businesses
  • 45 customers
  • Built with Wix and Figma
  • Founded in 2021
  • Landing page: domains.hatrio.com

🔥 Asking Price: $1,800

  • $2,000 in ARR
  • Business model: subscription $20/month
  • Perfect for Tinder users
  • 10 customers
  • Built with React.js, Node.js, MongoDB
  • Founded in 2021
  • Landing page: swipebot.app

🔥 Asking Price: $10,000

  • $28,000 in ARR
  • Business model: sell products at a 50-60% margin
  • Perfect for music fans
  • 521 customers
  • Built with Node.js, PHP, WooCommerce
  • Founded in 2021
  • Landing page: spotiparel.com

🔥 Asking Price: Open to offers

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