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Hello everyone.

This week my wisdom teeth were pulled out, so I can't be talkative. I hope you understand what I mean.

Anyway, I want to post an update about Microns and a story about pre-seed projects(with no revenue) and convince you that it is also a good target for an acquisition.

Also, I got a few requests from investors, but I think it isn't the right time now. In any case, it is a good sign for us.

P.S. I would like to introduce you to my cat named Miсron. The name of my startup came from him.

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🧀 Why to acquire projects with no revenue?

After looking at the list of presented projects, you noticed that two of them didn't have revenue.

And I think it's good for you. Why?

Because you can buy great projects with huge discount.

I know how expensive it is to develop something custom with actual code. Of course, you can cut your costs using no-code tools, but it isn't free anyway.

People spend months developing some projects, so you can buy them 2x to 5x less instead of hiring a developer/freelancer to build them. Having an agency, I know how expensive it is.

A project can have no revenue for different reasons. For example, founders don't know how to market or don't want to make sales. Or they found other attractive ideas and abandoned the project.

If you are an investor, operator and know how to grow specific startups, this is an excellent possibility for you.

I believe that even startups with no revenue could have tremendous opportunities. So, I will keep posting good ones for you.

🍽 Blog is coming

This week I started working on the blog. It will consist of text interviews with founders who already sold micro startup.

I am planning to share the first article with you next week. I love how insightful and open it would be.

📰 Looking for new owners

  • Free
  • 1,000 users per month
  • Perfect for YouTubers
  • 0 customers
  • Built with PHP
  • Founded in 2021
  • Landing page: vidtimestamp.com

🔥 Asking Price: $1,495

  • $0 in annual revenue
  • Business model: charge $0.05 per reply
  • Perfect for Twitter users
  • 0 customers
  • Built with Next.js and Vercel
  • Founded in 2021
  • Landing page: legible.link

🔥 Asking Price: $5,000

  • $422 in annual revenue
  • Business model: one off sales
  • Perfect for makers, indie hackers and startups
  • 40 customers
  • Built with Shopify
  • Founded in 2021
  • Landing page: namejax.com

🔥 Asking Price: $5,000

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Ilya Novohatskyi

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