Microns: New SaaS Apps For Sale 🚀 - Issue #1

Hi, guys! My name is Ilya, and I am doing front-end development for 7 years already. Besides that, I love bootstrapping startups and appreciate people who do the same. 

After acquiring my first SaaS app via MicroAcquire, I understood the process, from the first touch to transferring assets and support. So, I decided to write about my experience and created this newsletter. 

My goal is to help people succeed with me and build a community with amazing founders.

The first newsletter will include only 3 but awesome startups. Founders of these startups are open to negotiations and very responsive.

Feel free to click on the startup's name to open the presentation with the startup's details. 

And last, if you have your own story about buying, selling, growing, or developing the startup, DM me, and everyone will learn about your experience :)

Qunati Coders - UI and Front End Development Agency

Congrats to Quanti Coders on their successful acquisition via Microns Newsletter 🎉

  • €5,000 in ARR
  • €400 in revenue last month
  • €320 in profit last month
  • Competitors: Setmore, Calendly
  • Tech: React, Apollo, Prisma
  • Founded in 2018
  • Bootstrapped

Asking Price: €25,000

  • $0 in ARR. Free tool
  • 800 active customers
  • Great support from the startup founder
  • Small expenses. Only domain and servers
  • Competitors: Clubhouse
  • Tech: Laravel, Tailwind CSS, Open FaaS
  • Founded in 2021
  • Bootstrapped

Asking Price: $20,000

  • $0 in ARR. Free tool
  • 650 active customers
  • Continuous support from the startup founder
  • Easy to maintain. No support tickets. It runs autonomously
  • Competitors: TryMeeter
  • Tech: HTML, CSS, JS
  • Founded in 2020
  • Bootstrapped

Asking Price: $30,000

Wisdom from subscriber

Thank you for being with me! Let me know what you think I need to change or improve. Just reply to this email.

Stay awesome,

Ilya Novohatskyi

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