Microns: New SaaS Apps For Sale 🚀 - Issue #2

Hey, everyone!

Last week I learned a lot. Not only things about growing, but also about my goal, product, and audience.

One of the things worth to mention I started actively working on my Twitter account.

Previously, I didn’t pay enough attention because I thought that I don’t need it and it isn’t easy. 

But in two weeks, I understood that my target audience is here. Makers, creators, founders, and other creative people I met.

Love this place ❤️

P.S. And what is your favorite place you hanging on? Reply to this email.

P.P.S. Don't forget to click on the startup's name to open the presentation with the startup's details. 

Story from Indie Hacker

I met Antonio when looking for new startups to post. I went through @IndieHackers and found Alfa Data.

So I decided to write an email to the founder. After a few hours, he responded to me.

It was cool, and I wanted to know the whole story.

I asked him, so my subscribers understood how the acquisition could flow.

He told me he listed the app on MicroAcquire and created a one-pager with the numbers, users, cost, and revenue.

After that, he was contacted by several people directly on the platform. So he made a call with a few of them, and in the end, received 3 offers. 

They did the transaction via an escrow service, and the bureaucratic process did not involve much paperwork. He only signed non-competing and asset purchase agreements.

The transition period was the most difficult part for him, as he kept the website online and onboarding the new technical team, but overall, it took less than 2 months. 

Looking for new owners

  • $1,000 in ARR
  • $500 in revenue last month
  • $440 in profit last month
  • 9 paying customers
  • Tech: Node.js, Express, Postgres
  • Founded in 2019
  • Landing page: censtats.com

Asking Price: $8,500

  • Pre-revenue stage
  • Business model: Freemium
  • 260 active customers
  • Competitors: Typeform, Survey Monkey, Google Forms
  • Tech: React.js, Firebase, EmailerJS, GSap
  • Founded in 2020
  • Landing page: hubbleform.com

Asking Price: $6,000

  • $50 made
  • Business model: Sell Ads and Affiliate Links
  • Easy to develop and maintain
  • Competitors: AppSumo, MakerPad, Nocode Essentials
  • Tech: Carrd, Airtable
  • Founded in 2019
  • Landing page: nocodeblackfriday.com

Asking Price: $1,800

  • $120 in ARR
  • Already invested $7,000
  • 23 domains included
  • Competitors: bit.ly, rebrandly.com, TinyURL
  • Tech: React.js, Python, Fast API
  • Founded in 2021
  • Landing page: dev.care

Asking Price: $50,000

Wisdom from subscriber

Thank you for being with me! Let me know if you have a story about developing, growing, selling, or buying a startup. Reply to this email.

Stay awesome,

Ilya Novohatskyi

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