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Hey folks.

In today's issue, you'll discover growth hacks and three findings of affiliates I learned the hard way.

We've updated some of the site elements this week and plan to improve them further. Soon, you'll see compelling changes.

Early this week, I sent the first issue for MicroStartups and saw a great response. People are excited about the model where they can ask any questions from very cool indie founders.


All civilized world is shocked by what happened in the 21st century.

The real war where adults, women, and children are dying. People are trying to survive leaving their houses.

It's incredible how retarded the Russian troops and government are.

Thank you, Azov heroes and Ukrainian troops, for protecting Ukrainians and other European countries from Russian violence.

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Afterword: I know Max personally, and his one tweet helped to find a buyer for one of the startups listed on Microns, so I think you should learn marketing from him.

👨‍👩‍👧 Community spotlight

4 months ago, I started an experiment with an affiliate program. I've set up an affiliate provider and introduced it in the newsletter.

Since then, we have got a decent rate for clicks but no conversions. So I thought maybe this wasn't a good idea and canceled my subscription for Rewardful.

But the next day, magic happened. We received our first paid customer through one of the affiliates.

After this research, I've concluded a few important findings:

  1. To get conversions, you should go niche with your partners. They should fit the field in which your project function.
  2. An experiment may take some time, so don't give up.
  3. Paid customers are just a part of the system. Besides buyers, we have sellers and subscribers. I plan to add a referral system for sellers and newsletter subscribers to gift them stickers, t-shirts, Premium subscriptions, etc.

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Find covid19 travel information
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