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Hey everyone!

This week was super productive and challenging. We've got a bunch of new premium members, discussed what to focus on next, and attracted a few awesome micro-startups.

Today I want to share our growth stats and my vision for our micro-marketplace.

Also, I will introduce a new section that will help founders find a partner for their existing and following projects.

We are developing, and the journey will be exciting. Fasten seat belts πŸš€

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Welcome to theΒ 128 new peopleΒ joining this week!

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🌱 Our growth

This week was fruitful. We've got eight new premium members. I'm so happy with this, so I started dancing one day πŸ˜„

People resonate with our vibes and actively participate in the company life. They help me decide what to focus on next and do the work I love so much.

You motivate me to get up each morning, dream and do great stuff. Every day I thrive on helping at least one person. This is what I feel. Thank you.

πŸ”₯ Hot discussions

Yesterday I accidentally started a hot discussion. It was just a simple tweet that someone submitted a prominent startup to us.

A few of my followers said to post this startup. Someone disagreed with them. And the discussion started. I participated and answered all of the comments.

What I liked was how Ian and a few folks replied. This tweet perfectly aligns with my vision for the future of our company.

Microns is for people who like to buy small startups with potential and turn them into something valuable.

By ecosystem, I mean a set of startups that will serve needs for small remote online businesses. They will help founders start a company with a partner, promote it, monetize, and successfully exit.

πŸ‘€ Looking for a partner

πŸ—’ I'm looking for a partner to help out on the business/customer side of things for my note-taking app. Feel free to contact me via email.

β˜€οΈ I'm looking for a marketing partner to let others find my fun side project that isn’t friends or family. Would love to chat with you.

πŸ–₯ I'm a backend and iOS developer and I always looking for someone to partner up with to work on a side project. My email is here.

If you're stuck and looking for a tech, growth, or investment partner, shoot me anΒ email. Let's build more awesome micro-startups together πŸš€

πŸ“° Looking for new owners

  • $0 in ARR
  • Business model: selling CO2 packages in the form of a certificate
  • Perfect for crypto and blockchain companies
  • 0 customers
  • Built with a custom tech stack
  • Founded in 2021

πŸ”₯ Asking Price:Β $1,200

  • $5,000 in ARR
  • Business model: monthly subscription (3€/mo) or classroom option buy starting at 15€
  • Perfect for parents of teenagers 10-17 y.o.
  • 15 customers
  • Built with Google classroom, Notion and Airtable
  • Founded in 2021

πŸ”₯ Asking Price:Β $7,500

  • $2,200 in ARR
  • Business model: SaaS
  • Perfect for individuals and small teams
  • 12,144 users
  • Built with Google App Script
  • Founded in 2020

πŸ”₯ Asking Price:Β $20,000

πŸ’‘ Wisdom from subscriber

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Stay awesome,

Ilya Novohatskyi

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